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Turn Your Spare Change into Xbox Live Points
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Turn Your Spare Change into Xbox Live Points

Time to raid the couch cushions

If you've been to a grocery store in the United States, you've no doubt seen one of those machines pictured above.  Coinstar machines are a way to cash in all your loose change for store credit.  At least it was.  Now the Coinstar folks have teamed up with Microsoft to allow you to trade in all that loose change for Microsoft Points or Xbox Live Subscriptions.

Simply bring your cash and coins to your nearest Coinstar kiosk, select the eCertificate option, and select Xbox. Then, deposit your cash and coins and take your printed eCertificate. There are no fees and your eCertificate never expires!

Sounds sweet.  It's a bit unclear whether or not it's a 1:1 type relationship - that is - does 25 cents get you 20 Microsoft points (the current exchange rate)?  Or is it only in the normal 400, 800, etc increments.  We'll be heading off to a Coinstar soon to find out - but if you give it a go - let us know how you make out!

Source: Redeemxbox.com