Peter Molyneux Thought of Portal Too, And It's Co-Op
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Peter Molyneux Thought of Portal Too, And It's Co-Op

Peter Molyneux is a lofty game designer.  His ideas are always very big and usually pretty innovative.  At the recent Game Developers Conference Mr. Molyneux sat with IGN and discussed his idea for a game that sounds a lot like Portal, an idea he had four or five years ago.

So just like Portal, the game utilizes two "mirrors" where players can put objects through.  Going through one portal has the object coming out the other.  The difference here is that when something goes in a portal, it comes out the other slightly different.  One example of this would be an orange going through a portal and coming out the other one twice as big. 

The really interesting concept here is the portals are connected online, so that going in one portal may come out to another players portal.  Players could then work together to solve puzzles.  In Peter's proof of concept, players could even drop one portal into another where they became self replicating until...well lets just say don't cross the portals.

This concept is actually going to be used to some degree in an upcoming game, but that's all Peter would tell.  We'll keep an eye on this one for sure.


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