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Extra Life Co-op Day and Night
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Extra Life Co-op Day and Night

A whole day of co-op life-saving

By now you must have heard that we're gearing up for Extra Life, a 24 hour gaming marathon for charity. We're raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. If you have 24 hours to spare this weekend, you can still join our team, and help us bring in donations. If not, you can still join in on the fun. We're inviting everyone to join us this weekend, whenever you can, playing whatever game we happen to be playing at the time. We've started a tentative schedule which you can view below, or on our Extra Life 2012 page.

Please join us this weekend! We're going to need help staying focused and awake. Chatting and playing with a variety of people always helps. Speaking of chatting, we're going to have a chat room here on the site for everyone to keep in touch throughout the event. Even if you can't play, feel free to jump in the chat room and cheer us on. A few of us will also be streaming. More details on that will come later this week, and we'll include links from the Extra Life page. Of course, we're still looking for donations. We're close to our goal, help us break it!