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Co-Optimus Users Avatar Rogues Gallery
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Co-Optimus Users Avatar Rogues Gallery


In celebration of the New Xbox Experience, game blogger site Joystiq has posted a gallery of 34 Avatars of the Rich and Famous, of which our own Nick Puleo is #20! Congratulations, Nick, on your fame and fortune!

After the "Read More" link, I've posted the avatars of our staff as they currently appear on Xbox Live, as well as a gallery of Co-Optimus users. If you're not in the gallery, and you want to be, post the image of your avatar, or post your Gamertag, and you'll be added.


Owner and Artist
Nick and Mike


Associate Editors
Marc, Loren, Jim
Blake and Jason


Forum Moderators
Spigot and The Hedon


If you want to change your avatar or be removed from the gallery, just send a private message or e-mail to Jim.


Mrxknown JG / domiNATEn55 / A Satriani Solo


FIVEski / Justin11406 / luDOC


Shazoo / VYPUR / Garand


roland and Zanasta / hedgehogaj


Torg001 / PsyKlopz / Armor Biff


Bakken Hood

Source: Joystiq.com