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New 4 Player Co-Op RPG for DS: Destiny Links
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New 4 Player Co-Op RPG for DS: Destiny Links

Billy's not the only sad mechanical being around.  Look at that poor DS!  He may be slick and sexy, and have some awesome single-player titles available to play, but he sure gets lonely.  There's just not a huge selection of co-op titles for the sad little DS.  What few there are usually feature local co-op only.  Sad, eh?

All this may change soon, at least a bit.  Wired reports that a new four-player, co-op RPG is headed to the DS.  The game is called Destiny Links, and is being developed by Namco Bandai, of Tales series fame.  It won't just be local co-op, though; instead, all four players will be able to play over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!  Quite nice.

Trademarks have been registered that lead one to believe that Destiny Links may be the start of a franchise.  Lasting Links and Endless Links are those trademarks.  We'll be following this one closely, for sure.  It's good to see some good co-op features on a title for the good ol' Nintendo DS!  You can check out a trailer for the game at the link below.

Source: Siliconera.com