LEGO: LotR - The Fellowship of the Launch Trailer
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LEGO: LotR - The Fellowship of the Launch Trailer

Images and a trailer to celebrate the launch of the latest LEGO game

Greetings Stranger.  You have come far to listen to my tale; a tale of intrigue, adventure, LEGO and incorrectly printed discs on 360.  Now my adventure is ready to play as LEGO: The Lord of the Rings has been launched in the US (EU will have to wait until November 23rd), and with it a series of new screens and a launch trailer.  Good journey to you all!

LEGO LotR is available across 360, PS3, PC and Wii and will have the 2 player local co-op present that have made many a LEGO game a hit with the Co-Optimus crowd.  LotR sees the continuation of voice acting and open world elements last seen in LEGO Batman 2, but this time covers all three films in the epic Tolkien series: