Brand New LOTR: Conquest Trailer and In Game Footage
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Brand New LOTR: Conquest Trailer and In Game Footage

We've got two videos today from the upcoming Lord of the Rings title, Conquest, from Pandemic studios.  The first video showcases almost 6 minutes of Gameplay footage as well as an interview with studio director Eric Gewirtz.  The really cool thing about this video?  It's taken from the Evil campaign in the game and it shows the player in control of a Balrog, in the shire, killing Ents and Hobbits.  How do you like them apples you old gaffer?

The second video is in the same vein, title It's Good to be Bad it shows off more Hobbit slaughter as well as a few of the other villain characters you can play.   Eye spy with my little eye Sauron! 

Lord of the Rings Conquest features 2 player co-op play through the entire good and evil campaign, and hits store shelves early next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC.  There's also a Nintendo DS version which features 4 player co-op releasing around the same time.

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It's good to be Bad

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