Co-Optimus - News - Play with the "LoTR Conquest" Developers. Win the Game from Co-Optimus!
Play with the "LoTR Conquest" Developers. Win the Game from Co-Optimus!
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Play with the "LoTR Conquest" Developers. Win the Game from Co-Optimus!

Pandemic Studios, the developers of Lord of the Rings: Conquest, are hosting a week long game with developers session for the aforementioned title.   From January 26th, 2009 through February 1st, 2009 over 20 team members will be playing online from 10PM to 2AM Eastern.  The event takes place only on the Xbox 360 and promises to have developers playing all gameplay modes - which we assume includes the 2 player co-op mode.

To celebrate the event Co-Optimus is giving away 2 copies of the game.  Unlike the event we have both platforms covered.  We'll be picking an Xbox 360 Winner and PlayStation 3 winner on January 26th.   To enter simply leave a comment and tell us what Rings character you'd like to co-op with the most and what platform you want the game for.

Be sure to read our full review of the game right here - and good luck!


Add one if not all the following gamertags to your friends list and join in a game with one or more of the following members from the development team.

Gamer Tag:   Name:                 Role:
LotRGwD2- Mike Zaimont          Combat Designer
LotRGwD3- Vincent Sparacino    Technical Artist
LotRGwD4- Tony Ianiro             Concept Artist
LotRGwD5- Joe Shackelford       Level Designer
LotRGwD6- Aex Boczar           Technical Director
LotRGwD7- Eric Lutes                   Concept Artist
LotRGwD8- Brendon Chung           Level Designer
LotRGwD9- Sanjay Madhav           Gameplay Engineer
LotRGwD10- Tom Nguyen           Asset Artist
LotRGwD11- Jose Zavala           Environment Artist
LotRGwD12- Ryan Hamlyn           Associate Producer
LotRGwD13- Jon Katz                   Associate Producer
LotRGwD14 - Alex Johnson           Production Coordinator
LotRGwD15 - Joshua Sterns       Production QA
LotRGwD16 - Benjamin Fields     Production QA
LotRGwD17 - Jacqueline O'Brien Production QA Lead
LotRGwD18 - Bill Fortier           Production QA
LotRGwD19 - Brenton Kossak     Production QA
LotRGwD20 - Arthur Leo           Production QA
LotRGwD21 - Sam Fayershteyn    Production QA
LotRGwD22 - Michael Bieniewicz    Production QA