Dark Souls

  • Online Co-Op: 3 Players
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Dark Souls Is $12.99 on Amazon
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Dark Souls Is $12.99 on Amazon

Now you have absolutely no excuse.

Would you let someone punch you in the face for 13 bucks? Metaphorically, of course. Dark Souls is on sale. Again. This all seems strangely familiar. A few weeks ago Dark Souls was on sale for $14.99. Today the lighthearted family game is on sale at Amazon for $12.99. Okay, we all know it's not a lighthearted family game, but you can only say the game is ridiculously difficult so many times before the words "brutal," "unforgiving," "punishing" and "please make it stop" lose all meaning. 

Besides, Dark Souls isn't even that hard. Drop your summon sign, get summoned, follow an experienced player around like a puppy dog and they'll show you what to do. Sure, you need to get the White Sing Soapstone before you can easily participate in "jolly cooperation," and the early levels are absolutely rife with low life veteran invaders who prey on newbies, and you have a good chance of going the wrong way and being absolutely destroyed by ghosts or skeletons. Protip: If you are only slightly destroyed by an enemy, you're going the right way. If you're totally obliterated, you should probably choose a new path. 

Anyway. Dark Souls is one of the best games of this generation. Buy it. I know a few Co-Optimus staff members have recently acquired their own shiny new copies. If you see their Gamertags summon them up. They're good people. 

Once again, this sale is for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

Dark Souls supports three player online co-op. Here's the part where I warn you about the non-traditional co-op and link you to our Co-Op FAQ and Review. For 13 bucks you may as well lay down your summon sign and see what the fuss is about. How else will you know what's going on in the recently announced Dark Souls II?

Source: Amazon.com