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Father of the Co-Op Shooters, Doom Turns 15
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Father of the Co-Op Shooters, Doom Turns 15

Fifteen years ago a legend was released upon PCs.  I still remember the day my father brought home the shareware disks from a guy at work.  DOOM.  It was gory, it was dark, it was intense and it was 3d!  It was my excuse to buy a 14.4 modem.  Why?  It had co-op. 

For the most part Doom was the father of today's co-op shooters.  Allowing four players to cooperate via an IPX/SPX network - it was you and your buddies versus the demons of hell.  At the time, there was nothing like it.

The game has seen 16 releases on PCs and 11 different console version, including a recent XBox Live Arcade edition.  The game has spawned numerous fan made conversions like Star Wars TC and Aliens TC.  There was even a movie...but we won't talk about that.

So fire up some Doom today, grab a buddy or two, and take down a Cacodemon to celebrate.


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