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Bethesda Releases Doom Classic Complete Bundle on PlayStation Network
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Bethesda Releases Doom Classic Complete Bundle on PlayStation Network

Sorry, but The Rock won't be making an appearance this time.

Are you a huge fan of Bethesda? Then this bit of news will make you happy. You can now download and play all three of the classic Doom games on your PlayStation 3’s through the Doom Classic Complete bundle!

After releasing the Doom 3: BFG Edition about a month ago, Bethesda has kept up with cranking out the Doom series nostalgia for everyone to remember why this series rocks. Now through this downloadable bundle, running through Hell slaying demons with ginormous guns has never been such a treat or all in one package! If you’ve been looking for a great way to break into the original games and at a decent price, then now is the time to invest in the Doom Classic Complete bundle on PlayStation Network.

The Doom Classic Complete bundle contains the original DOOM (including the “Thy Flesh Consumed” extra episode), DOOM II (also including “No Rest For the Living” and “The Master Levels” bonus episodes), and lastly, Final DOOM. Going for $14.99, this is a great deal for all the classic Doom content being presented here; it doesn’t get more complete than this! Bring up to 4 friends either online or split-screen co-op for retro goodness (multiplayer exists too)!

Go ahead and reload your BFG by downloading the Doom Classic Complete bundle on the PlayStation Network today!


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