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XBLA Ikaruga next month: April Fools, or Legit?
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XBLA Ikaruga next month: April Fools, or Legit?

The UK edition of OXM has a juicy tidbit or two regarding the release of legendary shooter Ikaruga on Xbox Live Arcade.  The game was announced long ago, but details regarding release have been unclear.  However, in the magazine, Ikaruga for XBLA is reviewed, earning 9 out of 10.  The release date is listed as "Available now".  If indeed this information is true, co-op fans should rejoice, as the game will support online co-op.  In addition to the standard leaderboards, players will be able to share game replay videos over Live.  Given the game's almost mythical difficulty level, sharing videos with your friends might just earn you some major "shmup cred".  As of press time, it is unknown if the game will support the Xbox Camera.  That would certainly be useful if you wanted to prove you could play co-op by yourself using 2 controllers at the same time.  Before you get too giddy, though, you might want to consider the magazines April cover date and take it all with a grain of salt.  If indeed the rumor is true, though, shooter fans everywhere will rejoice, as they team up to weave a glorious tapestry of destruction in their wake.

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