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Total War Pharaoh: Co-Op Options and Iconic Setting Revealed



The Total War series began as a single-play turn-based strategy series with real-time battles. It was epic, but self-contained – unless you set up some kind of map race with a buddy on the other side of the phone. Fast-forward to Games Workshop-based fantasy epic Warhammer III, and co-op has been as perfected as it could be in this kind of genre.

You can commence a campaign with up to eight others, playing as naturally allied or polar opposite factions, perform all of the actions in the turn as you wish, and are only tethered by waiting for everyone to end their turn. It’s rather good, and now, the mainline historical series makes its way to the popular setting of ancient Egypt with Total War: Pharaoh – but will it be taking its co-op playability to the death of the Bronze Age?

Total War: Pharaoh has two ways to play with others

Total War: Pharaoh will be a co-op game with several ways to go about a two-player campaign. The most obvious way is the two-player co-op, which will see you take on aligned factions to fight for a common victory, or to help one rise to power. The other is the head-to-head mode, which is certainly what the premise of Pharaoh leans towards.

Better still, if you’re a Steam user, but your buddy is an Epic Games Store fan, it won’t matter. Total War: Pharaoh enables cross-play between the two PC launchers, so you can buy the game wherever it’s cheapest or wherever you prefer your game library to be. As there are eight playable factions – and a few more on the way via DLC to come – there will be plenty of options, and the Campaign Customisation features will add additional replay value.

A grand setting for co-op or head-to-head mode

Total War: Pharaoh will be taking us to one of the most interesting periods of history, and one that we seldom see in-depth in entertainment, let alone gaming. Easily the most populated place of ancient Egyptian-themed games is iGaming.

You can go to any of the top Canadian online casinos and spot a heap of them. Whether you choose a site with more games, a higher payout rate, or the one with a C$5,000 bonus, there'll be an Egyptian slot. The most popular of these games, including Tomb Raider: Temples & Tombs, Book of Dead, Book of Tut, Cruse of the Mummies, and Book of Destiny, are all about going to the ruins or uncovering ancient texts for their mystical powers as opposed to being in the era itself.

Perhaps the biggest video game to go to ancient Egypt is Assassin’s Creed Origins. That one, however, was set between 49 and 43 BC, towards the end of the Ptolemaic Period. Pharaoh takes it way further back, to the rise of Ramesses III, who reigned from 1186 BC. The game takes place at the end of the Bronze Age, when most other empires were crumbling,, and Egypt was subject to several invasions.

Total War: Pharaoh looks to be incredibly fun for co-op gaming enthusiasts, regardless of whether you want to battle your friends for the throne or help one another survive the death of the Bronze Age. Either way, you’ll be transported to an incredible age that saw the rise of the last great ruler of Egypt.