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Ways of financial gain in the World of Warcraft

Ways of financial gain in the World of Warcraft

In WoW Dragonflight and other versions, gold plays an important role as a tool for economic transactions and interactions between players and NPCs.

Gold is used as a source of character enhancement, because everything that can be transferred from player to player is available for purchase, and it all depends only on the price and the shortage of goods on the server.

That is why you should always strive for gold mining instead of equipment, provided that the time you spend on its mining is more profitable than having a chance of success in conditional raids


What is game gold

Game gold is the local currency of each project, in our case World of Warcraft, which is obtained by completing quests, drops from monsters when killed and is used for interaction between players and local NPCs.


Ways to get game gold

In total, there are several main ways to get game gold, provided or offered to players:


  • Purchase

  • Quests

  • Grind

  • Trade



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Quests serve as sources of four pleasant ideas for the player at once.


  1. This is an experience that gradually improves and transforms the character, preparing him to play at high levels against really difficult opponents, bosses and other players in PVP.


  1. This is earnings - each quest, to one degree or another, brings the player ways to enrich themselves in its purest form - gold, or resources and equipment that can be sold to other players, or handed over to the store for a cash reward from the NPC.


  1. This training - each task directly or indirectly teaches and helps to introduce new mechanics and skills to the player and creates a platform for testing them on monsters. While you are killing 40 creatures, you can test your build and see if it is effective enough to use it on a permanent basis, or you should think more and experiment with skills.


  1. Helps to study the game history - not all gamers skip the introduction and skip the description of tasks and missions. Through quests, game developers from Blizzard convey the storyline of all the events of Azeroth, the reasons for the development of all updates, and tell and hint where the game story will step next.



One of the most basic and common ways to farm gold is hunting in locations. Read guides about the most popular grind locations on dedicated sites.

You simply go to a hunting zone that suits your level and start exterminating monsters. For your efforts, you will receive game gold, resources, consumables, and periodically equipment and other equipment that can potentially strengthen your hero.

Your main task is not to make a mistake with the level of enemies. The monsters you attack must be several levels higher than you, so that the chance for valuable trophies and game gold is maximum. If the opponents greatly surpass you in level, then you will most likely die quickly, and even if you manage to defeat him, you will not receive any rewards or experience.

The same principle works for low-level monsters - they will not bring you any rewards and experience.

In addition to simple hunting, do not forget to look around - in World of Warcraft there are many resources that can be collected for the development of collection professions and for the implementation of the collection profession with their help.

You can collect herbs and plants, rocks and gems, collect hides and meat.

In order to have access to all kinds of resources, buy a pickaxe and a carving knife from local NPCs in any city associated with professions - they are cheap, and resources obtained during the hunt can be handed over to artisans for gold, or stored for future professions.




Almost all items, resources and pieces of equipment in the World of Warcraft are subject to exchange, and therefore sale.

This is done so that players can communicate with each other and earn gold by selling all unnecessary and unsuitable for particular class equipment received from raids during hunting and crafting. For the latter, it is important that the thing does not become nominal upon receipt, otherwise it will not be possible to sell and transfer it.

The system can be bypassed if an item that cannot be traded after being crafted is ordered through the order table on Dragon Island, which was added in the Dragonflight update.




If you are collecting resources and crafting, then you can always earn extra gold by completing orders from other players that are formed through the order table.

You and the client must match the skill level of the profession to which the subject belongs. If you are just a beginner craftsman, you will see only simple orders, but the work itself on the order table, including pumping the skills of the profession, which will certainly open up new opportunities.

This is a great source of income if your profession is in demand on game servers. It is best to choose a blacksmith, tanner, master jeweler, inscriber.

These are the specialists who will always be in demand, since there is always a request to enhance the character and not every player has a good gold reserve to upgrade the hero immediately into legendary equipment, so a phased boost and an order for the production of useful equipment will always be relevant.


Fishing and cooking


With constant grinding, you will accumulate meat that can be used in cooking for cooking and feasting, and fishing will help you get alternative consumables for the kitchen and special fish that are only suitable for processing into reagents for alchemists and inscriptions.

Fish in any places where there are water holes, but remember that this is not a peaceful zone, and you are still potentially vulnerable to attacks by monsters and other players - try to find a point from which you will avoid the standard route of movement of monsters and not be immediately visible to enemy players, or at least you will be able to see them before they see you.

For pumping cooking, meat that is knocked out from animals and fish obtained during fishing is suitable.

Each dish will level up the skill and gradually grant more stats for a longer time when consumed.

The main goal of cooking is to learn how to cook feasts - full-fledged reinforcing effects that come after eating food. The buff will last in time depending on your skill and will gradually grow.

Guilds and raid enthusiasts always turn to culinary services and prepare food before difficult campaigns, where you need to strengthen all the characteristics of the hero that you can to increase the likelihood of a victorious completion of the raid.