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The Sonic Sunglasses Meme: and the Ongoing Popularity of One of Sega’s Most Iconic Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog was the epitome of gaming cool in the 1990s, and the recently released Sonic movies and new versions of the games have helped the eponymous blue hedgehog to ‘hog’ the limelight once more!

Given this, it’s no surprise that there’s been a slew of Sonic the Hedgehog memes in recent years - with many of them featuring the ultra-cool erinaceus europaeus (that’s a hedgehog, to you and I) wearing slick pairs of shades. Some of the most well-used and well-known include Sonic chilling out on a deck chair with a drink, rocking a pair of oversized red shades, and the near-infinite range of ‘Sonic Says’ memes that incorporate the digital hedgehog wearing shades and giving a thumbs-up.

What Does the Sonic Sunglasses Meme Mean?

There are loads of different Sonic the Hedgehog memes out there, but, in general, they’re used to indicate a particularly cool, relaxed, and laid-back attitude. The meme is linked to pulling off a job, task, or undertaking with ease, going about our day with style, or expressing general approval. The ‘Sonic Says’ memes are a light-hearted means of offering some tongue-in-cheek advice and often reference early 1990s culture, such as old-school equipment and gaming.

Create Your Own Sonic Sunglasses Meme

And if you’d like to create your own Sonic sunglasses meme? It’s really easy to do with the aid of an online meme generator. Generators (often free to use) typically allow you to use either a pre-designed template to design your meme or create it entirely from scratch. You’ll have the option to add your Sonic image and then customize it with loads of accessories - such as a cool pair of sunglasses - and other visual elements. Then simply add your meme text, stickers, or effects, and you’re done. Your meme is now ready to share and be used as a reaction as you wish!

The Legendary Sunglasses in Sonic Adventure 2

The connection between the Sonic games and characters and sunglasses goes well beyond memes. Players of Sonic Adventure 2 (released in 2001) sought out a specific pair of sunglasses in the game as a level-up item for Knuckles.


Tricky to find, these silver-frame sunglasses with light blue lenses allow the player to view and interact with otherwise invisible items, such as Rings, Springs, and Item Boxes. They are also required to locate certain Emerald Shards in certain ‘Hard Level’ missions undertaken by Knuckles.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Genesis

The very first Sonic the Hedgehog game was released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis – the aim for Sega was to develop a character to match the iconic status of Nintendo’s Mario. The Sonic franchise has gone on to be one of the most popular in video gaming history and become a part of the representation of the 1990s. In 2023, free-to-play downloads and series sales have totaled over 1.6 billion so far.


The Sonic fandom is a particularly passionate and active one, producing a vast amount of unofficial media such as fangames and fan art.

Real-Life Sonic Sunglasses

And if you’d like to channel some Sonic the Hedgehog style in real life? Then some Sonic-themed eyewear could be the perfect choice! Check out the Sega Store to get your hands on a range of Sonic merchandise, including pairs of official Sonic shades for both adults and kids. The lightweight blue frames feature images of the game’s famous Gold Rings and, of course, the hedgehog himself on the armbars. Alternatively, opt for the Ice Cream Pink Sonic Sunglasses, which are a fun, summery take on the Sonic eyewear trend.


The blue-light-blocking Sonic the Hedgehog Shonen Gaming Glasses are also available from the official Sega Store to help you avoid eyestrain and enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience. The brown, orange, and black frames are stylistically inspired by Shonen manga with a touch of signature Sonic flair. And they’re not just about looking good, either. The lenses effectively filter out blue light emitted by devices to reduce eyestrain and fatigue and provide enhanced visual clarity while gaming.

Sonic Sunglasses Meme: The Takeaway

Sonic the Hedgehog has been embodying gaming cool for over thirty years and continues to be one of Sega’s most popular characters, regularly reimagined in games, movies, and even memes. If you want a reaction that expresses ultimate, old-school coolness, then the Sonic with sunglasses meme is a perfect choice - and if you’re feeling creative, why not have a go at creating your own?