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Three Trailblazers Competing in the iGaming Industry

As the gambling industry has transitioned to online platforms in the past couple of decades, we have seen the increasing popularity of slot games. Gamblers can now choose from a huge variety based on countless themes which offer users a multitude of different ways to win. In years gone by, online game developers created console or arcade games, but this has now changed. In this article, we’re going to look at the groundbreaking companies that have carved out a niche in the iGaming market and who are now significant players in the industry.

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Gaming Realms

Gaming Realms is a developer for mobile gaming based in the UK. They specialize in real money and social gaming and produce games that are featured in online casinos. For example, one of their new Slingo releases, Lucky Joker, which includes Irish-themed horseshoes, green hats, and pots of gold, gives gamers the chance to win instant cash prizes as well as free spins and bonus rounds. The company was founded in 2001 and has since floated on the UK Stock Exchange. In 2022, revenue for Gaming Realms was just under £20 million, and it has grown year-on-year for the past five years. With these sorts of figures, the company is sure to continue to compete in the gaming industry for the foreseeable future.


Playtech, based in the UK and founded in 1999, is one of the largest gaming developers in the world. Although it was nearly acquired by Aristocrat in 2021 for $3.7 billion, it continues to offer some of the most advanced gaming technology on the market. With a wide array of games, including mobile, bingo, and scratch games, Playtech brings in around $1 billion a year. It counts many of the world’s casinos and bookmakers as clients, as well as providing software to governments. Over the years, it has been involved in many acquisitions and takeovers, and because of this, it has been able to develop into the global powerhouse in the market we see today.


Microgaming is the oldest company on this list and was founded in 1994, spearheading the beginning of the iGaming revolution. It has been at the forefront of development since then, creating the world’s first casino software for mobile as well as the first branded slot game. As smartwatch and smartphone technology developed, Microgaming teamed with Samsung to bring gaming to their products in 2014. Currently, their estimated revenue is $600 million per year which leaves them as one of the largest gaming developers in the world.

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Technology has transformed the gambling industry since the days of in-person bookmakers and casinos. While Microgaming may have been an early mover in the market, its competitors have caught up, and now they, as well as the industry, are worth billions. With further advancements in technology and the availability of the internet around the world making gaming more accessible, the market and the companies competing within it will continue to grow in the coming years.