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The Best Online Co-Op Slots

You might be mistaken for thinking that slots, unlike many other casino games, are a lonesome pursuit. We’ve all seen the pictures where row upon row of gamblers feed one quarter after another into glowing machines, each concentrating only on the screen in front of them. While that is the case for some machines, many casinos are now embracing the trend of community slots, where a group of people can play and win together. It’s an emerging trend in casinos, but how is it faring online?


Online slots are one of the fastest growing remote gambling games. They are easy to pick up, quick to play, and offer some of the best payback rates for players. Because online slots only exist digitally, it is easy to produce varied and unique games, so online slots players will find that they have a lot of different games to choose from. A quick internet search and you will find an online slot to suit. There are thousands of different themes, from fantasy to pop culture, all with different difficulty ratings and features. And because so much on the internet is built around creating an online community, you’ll find this for slots too.

There are three different ways to play online slots with other people. Single player slots are often accompanied by chatrooms. While you spin your reels you are free to chat with your friends or other like-minded individuals. Online slots are great for bringing together people with similar interests and a great opportunity to make new friends. There are also multiplayer slot tournaments where players compete to win the jackpot. You can still chat to each other, but only one player is going to walk away the winner, and this can make for some competitive talk! The middle ground between these two options are community slots. Players in a room can see what the other players are spinning, how they bet and how they control the reels. It can be a great way to pick up some new slots tactics. However, you are still playing your own game, until someone triggers a bonus game. Then all the players come together to help win the jackpot – and if one wins it, everyone gets the money!

Why aren’t there more multiplayer slots?

nLdV-ZYTI0mCkT2bKWWC1DCyrUhP7-kCuq2-S53h Community slots sound like a great addition to the online slots genre, and there are many benefits to joining in which have already been mentioned. However the online community seem reluctant to take it up. Perhaps because the number of community slots available is exceedingly low, they offer players very little choice. Unlike the wide range available by at an established online casino like Wink Slots, where players can find hundreds of online slots to play in a fun and friendly atmosphere. At the moment Wink Slots only cater for single player slots, meaning that every customer to their app or website is guaranteed a unique experience. But maybe they could be persuaded to trial community slots in the future. Their established customer base would be able to benefit from increased opportunities, and they could even expand it if they prove successful. And Wink Slots have so many successful games already running on their site that adapting one for multiplayer would be a great way to introduce people to a new style of playing.

As it stands, the community slots available aren’t always up to the same standard as the best single player slots. But there are a few decent picks if you know where to look. So if community slots sounds like something you’d be interested in, try one of the following, each of which factors in co-operative play in a slightly different way:

The best multiplayer slots

The Isis Multiplayer Slot is based off a popular single player slot of the same name and design. It has a stunning ancient Egyptian theme, with iconic hieroglyphs and images of the gods on the reels. The community play element comes from the free spins multiplier bonus. When someone in the rooms matches two hawk symbols, everybody wins free spins and can use their multipliers to increase their winnings. 

The Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer slot is another slot that started life as a single player. This wheel of fortune style game gives players the chance to acquire multiplier points. When someone triggers the bonus wheel game, everyone is taken from their own games and asked to pick a position around the outside of the spinning wheel. The tension and community spirit as you wait to see what bonuses everyone will pick up is a great addition to the gameplay.

The No Worries Multiplayer slot works in a similar way. Throughout the game, players are awarded bonus points. When the jackpot wheel spins, it awards bonus prizes to the players with the top 10 totals of bonus points. This is a really cute slot, themed with typical Australian imagery including boomerangs, wombats and wallabies and a lovely way to relax at the end of a long day. 


These three community slots – and several others – are available to play at a variety of online casinos worldwide. They were developed based on the popularity of the slot as a single player game, and hopefully games designers will continue this trend, giving already well-loved games the community slots makeover. If you love playing slots, make sure you have a go at the multiplayer varieties. The more people who start using them regularly, the more the industry will sit up and take notice. This is the only way to encourage developers to start putting real effort into designing really good community slots that everyone can enjoy together.

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