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Great Moments in PC Gaming


Since their inception, video games have captured our imaginations. The games have taken us to majestic new worlds, introduced us to characters that are etched to our minds, and offered us an opportunity to create a role for ourselves in each astonishing adventure. 


The games will scare you, surprise you, challenge you, and reward you, even if you’re a veteran eSports athlete or simply playing some JackpotCity online casino games or any other platforms. Moreover, it doesn’t matter the genre; you will make an endless number of memories in the world of games.

To judge the most memorable moments on these video games, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How significant was the impact on you? Did it genuinely make you feel something?

  • Is the moment iconic? Does it have an essential place in the history of games?

  • Has the moment become exceptional to the game or gaming in general?

You can define a moment as:

  • A single scene, a string of scenes, obstacles, or turning point that can be spotted and described clearly.

  • It can be a single instant from a level and not the entire level from start to finish.

The following are some of the great moments in PC gaming.

The Lighthouse

You will encounter this moment when playing BioShock Infinite. The game’s thrilling ending is still an epic moment. As Elizabeth attains omniscience, she walks Booker and the player through a world recreating and ruining itself.

The use of the game’s most exemplary location as a jumping-off point to clarify the multiverse in which the whole series takes place is a masterstroke. Furthermore, walking through the “sea of doors” is awe-inspiring.    

It is a scene that retrospectively puts all the clues and riddles throughout the game into place, turning a vague narrative into a sci-fi classic.

The Unicorn

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt evades the problematic, laughable results when video games try their hand in sex. The game succeeds in serving up ridiculous sex scenes in the history of moving pictures.

The encounter takes off after Witcher Geralt and his on-and-off lover Yennefer have been separated for years. Situations bring them together, and they endure a common Witcher mission. All this action that saw them barely escape with their lives leaves them with some sexual energy to burn.

Back in their room, they have a chat, and Yennifer is thinking along the same flirty lines as Geralt. But she does not fancy the comfort of the bed and instead hops on a stuffed unicorn. Geralt plays along, and you can see that it is not the first time they have copulated on the unicorn.

What makes the scene perfect is the fact that the Witcher 3 could pull off a scene like this one and have players take it in the tread.    


Without negating the fact that we all have different opinions on the great moments in PC gaming due to our unique tastes, whatever the scene is, it has to be grandiose. It has to be “the scene of the game.” If you are enjoying online video games, or Xbox, or whichever means, there is always that scene that most people will feel is the breathtaking moments. This article has covered a few, but there are more.

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