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by bapenguin

What to know before playing online slots?

Have you ever played slots in a physical casino and enjoyed the thrill of it, but wanted a bit more? Have you thought about playing slots online but have no idea how to differentiate between all the different types and which are the best to play?

Slots games are some of the most popular ones that you will find on both online casinos and land-based casinos. Online casinos have become the new IT thing, and they are so much more convenient than any regular casino. 

As the most popular game available on the different casino sites, it comes with no surprise that there are a whole lot of different ones to choose from. If you’re looking for a top notch online casino that’s safe and reliable, you can check Japan-101 and browse through their list of the best in the industry. All of them offer a wide variety of games, including slots, and if you want to know more about playing slots online, read on. 

Use Bonuses

One of the first things that you should take note of when playing at online casinos is that they all offer bonuses. One of the most popular games to play at online casinos is slot games. This means that most online casinos will offer a variety of different bonuses which include free spins on the slots. 

There are so many different kinds of bonuses, but free spins are one of the most common ones that you will come across. When looking at bonuses, you should only pay attention to the number of free spins that you will get, but also to the wagering requirement. This is an amount of money that you will need to bet to receive the winnings from your bonuses. 

Usually, there is a time limit on the wagering requirement as well. This means that you should choose a bonus that has a reasonable wagering requirement. 

Learn RTP/Volatility

Before you choose a slot game to play, you should also try to understand RTP and volatility as much as possible. This is how you can learn what to expect from a game when you are playing. 

RTP is the return to player percentage. So essentially this is how much of the money bet is returned to players over some time. Typically, with slot games, you will have a much lower RTP than with table games. You will run into RTP’s from 60% to maybe even 95% but it all depends on the type of slot you are playing and the site you are playing on. 

When we talk about volatility, we refer to the risk factor of the game. If a game has high volatility, there is a lower risk involved. 

Jackpot Slots

Moving on, there are different types of slots for you to choose from. Some are better than others in terms of winning more often, while others are better when it comes to winning big. First up, we have jackpot slots. 

These slots are the most popular type because if you win, you could potentially be winning a life-changing Amount of money. The only problem here is that these slots are typically a lot harder to win

Progressive Slots

Within the Jackpot slots section, you have what is called progressive slots. The idea behind this is that when players bet and lose their lost money is added to the winning pot. This means that the jackpot is constantly growing until someone wins. 

These progressive slots are generally a bit more expensive and you need a minimum amount bet to qualify for the jackpot win. However, if you win, it will be incredible. 

Reel Slots

When it comes to reel slots, you have two different types, the 3-reel slots, and the 5-reel slots. The idea behind this game is that you want to match the symbols on the reels. Typically, the 3-reel slots will have a much lower payout, but you will win a lot more often. 

With the 5-reel slots, there are more options for pay lines and you can get a much larger payout. However, it is still a lot smaller than any jackpot payout would ever be. Choosing to play reel slots will mean that you will win more consistently and a lot more often, however, you won’t win nearly as much as a jackpot slot. 

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