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Esports Betting: 3 Popular Disciplines for Successful Bets

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2023 will become an eventful year in terms of esports tournaments of different kinds and quality. The season promises to be busy for both professional players and competitive gaming fans.

In the material, we are talking about three most popular destinations for gambling fans: CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL. Let’s investigate why CS:GO betting remain in demand, what a new DPC season in Dota 2 has in store for betters, and how the updated format of the season in LoL will affect other aspects of the disciplines.


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CS:GO is a leader of the rating of the most popular disciplines for successful bets. The legendary game by Valve is very popular and it is not going to change: in 2023 CS:GO tournaments are going to gather loads of people while matches of title teams will give fans vivid emotions and will help to raise their status.

The busy season will bring loads of opportunities for successful CS:GO bets. Plunging into top CS:GO tournaments and placing bets will be available from February.

The third month of the winter will show us the legendary IEM Katowice, ESL Pro League Season 17, Champion of Champions Tour and ESEA events.

The year will also please us with over ten events but the most significant of the them will be CS:GO majors in 2023: Paris Major arranged on 8-21 May 2023 (Challengers — 8-11 May 2023; Legends — 13-16 May 2023; Champions - 18-21 May 2023) and a major in autumn that is planned in October-November this year.

Also, there will be the ESL One Cologne, a new season of Pro League and BLAST events. Overall, you will not get bored.

Dota 2

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Apart from CS:GO, there is another interesting discipline for successful bets – Dota 2. However, it has been like this all the time and 2023 is not going to be an exception.

Trying your skills at making predictions and placing bets in Dota 2 is possible at the main Dota event – DPC. In 2023, the main competitive format has been modified: the leagues have become more eventful, and prizes – more distinct.

Between the three DPC tours, there will be classic majors – places concentrated with high-quality Dota 2 and betting opportunities with favorite or strong teams.

The first major of the season is the Lima Major 2023. South America is going to host a Doта 2 tournament of such scale for the first time, and it is exciting.

Lately teams from the South American region have become role models: SA residents’ performances at The International 2022 destroyed all doubts about efficiency of clubs that come from the region.

The Lima Major 2023 will be taking place from 22 February till 5 March this year. 18 participants will be competing for $500,000 and 1,900 DPC points.

After the Peruvian major we will see another DPC tour that will finish with a major in Berlin in spring and it will be followed by the third cycle with the final in Bali at the Bali Major by IO Esports in the middle of the summer.

The cherry on the top is The International 2023 that will sum up the competitive season and will become the best place for successful bets. The main tournament of the year is not scheduled yet, but it will happen in the middle of autumn as it was a year ago.


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Another betting opportunity is League of Legends. This year it will draw special interest.

Riot Games had a few big modifications that will concern all top tournaments of the season: starting from regional leagues and finishing with huge international championships. Getting familiar with the new rules of events and thorough consideration of the best LoL tournament for betting can increase a chance of success of your bets.

Speaking more precisely, first of all we should pay attention to the European regional league – LEC 2023. In the new season it will become a part of the MENA ecosystem and will give more top League of Legends.

In Europe there will be a third more LoL: now the competitive season is divided into three splits and there will also be finals where the strongest teams of the winter, spring and summer splits will be taking part in. However, the final goal for participants of the European leagues as well as other teams is international events – MSI 2023 and Worlds 2023.

The road to the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 will start in the winter and the tournament will be taking place in London, in spring. The catch is the updated format:

13 teams from 9 regions will be playing in three stages: Play-In, group stage and Play-off.

At first, Play-In and group stages will be played in the Double-Elimination bracket.

The Mid-Season Invitational 2023 will become a big foretaste to the main LoL event – Worlds 2023. The world championship in the 13th competitive season will also be run by new rules.

At the Worlds 2023, Riot will implement the Swiss system that is popular among CS:GO tournaments. It will be realized at the group stage where 16 teams will play for 8 trips to the main stage of the event.

The show will be happening in South Korea where the World's championship is coming back for the first time after a 5-year break.

What’s in the end?

Summing up, we will reach a conclusion that fans of esports betting in 2023 will have a lot of things to do. Top discipline will give a chance to place bets successfully throughout the year and, if you start mastering the art, you will have a chance to times your bank.