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by bapenguin

What Video Games to Play to Meet Someone from the UK

Are you a fan of multiplayer video games? Do you live in the UK? Or would you like to get to know the British better? Are you single? If you’ve answered in the affirmative to these questions, we have a news bulletin for you. We know the best place to find someone who would make your perfect partner for gaming and what might be referred to as ‘gaming with benefits’! So, let’s take a deep dive into how playing games could transform your love life, as well as recommend five games currently adored by Brits.


Multiplayer Games Open Up Opportunities for Meeting UK Singles


Why should jamming thumbs into a console prove to be an activity that can inspire romantic thoughts? It’s simple. Getting into games, especially multiplayer titles where you can get the opportunity to explore exciting dimensions with a diverse array of individuals, can become highly addictive. A starting point for many British gamers who are also on the lookout for like-minded singles is to refer to the digital dating environment. You can commence your quest to track down someone compatible by narrowing down your choice of potential singles sites.


There are a lot out there, so the top of your wishlist for appropriate websites or apps might be one offering local talent. Let’s take an example. If you live in England’s West Country, you could begin by looking up dating websites for Bristol singles made for locals. Here you could gain an overview of the platforms where you can get introduced to other singles, especially those who love gaming.


Check out reviews of how user-friendly these Bristol-oriented services are, together with which ones offer the best matching tools. If you specify you are keen on multiplayer games, algorithms will steer you toward individuals who have also stated their interest. Compatibility is always such an important building block for any relationship, and having a shared interest in UK games will bring you closer together, offering so much ammunition for conversation topics.


Have a “Pre-Date” Play Session with Someone You’ve Already Met Online


After meeting someone digitally, you’ll find it easy to strike up a rapport. The next stage in your relationship would be to arrange a ‘pre-date’ session where you could connect and enjoy games. This would be a terrific way of breaking the ice and getting to know each other better.


Play These 5 Games That Brits Love the Most


Behind the USA and Japan, Britain is the world’s third-largest producer of video games. You can’t go wrong with any of these popular titles that UK gamers love getting to grips with:


Grand Theft Auto


Since its inaugural outing as far back as 1997, GTA has gone on to become one of the major successes of the Brit gaming industry. The game was developed by Rockstar North, a British video game development company that is part of the Rockstar Games studio. Many stars of music and film have supplied voiceovers – Ray Liotta, Debbie Harry, James Woods, Axl Rose – while the game itself represents a highly addictive opportunity to become a criminal in California! With car chases, heists, and shoot-outs, playing GTA will bring you closer to any British single you are attracted to.


Batman Arkham Asylum


One of the most instantly recognizable superheroes of all, Batman has been subjected to massive movie franchises, played by a variety of actors. In this computer game, the emphasis is less on brash displays and more on the dignity and calm of the original comic version. You’ll love the way Batman can steal through the shadows with feline grace.


DJ Hero


The perfect meld of video gaming and music, you and your partner can expertly spin discs by artists as varied as Grandmaster Flash, Daft Punk, and DJ Shadow.


Lego Star Wars


Combining one of the world’s most widely played toys with one of the greatest-ever movie franchises is a match made in Heaven. Using light sabers to destroy intricate structures – what’s not to like?


Call of Duty


If you want to get cozy with another single on a couch in front of a screen, warfare is always guaranteed to forge alliances! With over 250 million downloads per annum, you can take control of soldiers moving stealthily through a variety of warzones. You’ll forge strong friendships as you collaborate in overcoming fraught situations.


As we’ve illustrated, looking for prospective partners in the UK’s West Country can easily be combined with a passion for video games. As well as flirting online, you should work on your game plan. This means checking out the forthcoming releases, so you’ll always have plenty to chat about. For fans of fast-paced melee gameplay, getting to know the same UK single online could prove to be highly addictive. Drop into the conversation that you know all about an action-packed game you could enjoy playing together soon.