by bigbadbob113

CCV: I Resolve to Spend Less Time Playing Games in 2012 (Though I'll Save Time for Co-Op)

2011 was a great gaming year for me. Not only were a lot of great titles released, but I also had plenty of time to play them. Actually I'll go a step further...I had too much time to play them. There is no way I should be playing through an entire game in less than 24 hours, but I've done it several times. It shouldn't have been possible for me to log in over 80 hours on Skyrim within the first two weeks of release, but I did. Looking back, I get kind of disgusted with myself over it. There's so much more I could have accomplished, but those dang games kept sucking me in.

No more!!!

Granted, a big chunk of this time was due to the fact that I was (and still am) unemployed. But I don't want to dwell on that...I want to get passed that. Aside from finally starting a career, I would also love to finally sit down and actually finish one of my 10+ writing projects that are in the planning stages (I'm great at thinking up ideas and basics but it's a challenge for me to flesh out my work.) Whether I end up publishing something through Kindle or just have it finished only to sit in my filing cabinet, I would love to experience that feeling of finally completing a story.

But just because I want to play less games this year doesn't mean that I want my co-op experiences to suffer. To that end, I want to spend more time on co-op games and less time on single player games. 2011 was a huge co-op year for me...probably one of the biggest. I had a blast playing through new games and old likes of Dead Island, Dead Nation, EDF, Borderlands, Sacred 2, Rock Band, War in the North, Trine 2, Castle Crashers and more. My goal is to continue these awesome experiences by trying to put co-op first whenever I can, and only falling back to a single player game when no one is around to play a game I have or want to play. 

So here's to 2012. It might end up being the final year of Earth's existence, but I will go down co-oping all the way, until that last internet signal is lost forever.

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