Co-Optimus - Community Blog - How to Get Started in Guild Wars 2's PvP Beta
by Christopher Metz

How to Get Started in Guild Wars 2's PvP Beta

With the newly released beta of Guild Wars 2, players are beginning to see why this game might give the World of Warcraft universe a run for its money.

The new beta has gotten many an MMO player excited for the full version, which we can’t disagree with in the slightest. The concept of team-based point capturing is nothing new to the genre, but Guild Wars 2 seemingly does it better in every angle. Not only that, we are only in beta at the moment, so things will only get better from here onward. To make this game a huge success, we'll need players to know their stuff before heading off to epic battling.

So you want to help out in making Guild Wars 2's "Conquest" PvP a better experience, but have never played an MMO before? Well, watch this in-depth video and learn the basics.

Guild Wars 2 sets its multiplayer standards above all the rest. One of the first main points to look out for when you start to play the beta is your character’s starting stat tree. When you enter the PvP lobby, any and every character you’ll create will be at the maximum level (lvl 80), thus eliminating the huge differences between level skills that usually giving an opponent the clear win advantage. Ultimately, this should put you on equal ground with everyone else skill wise (at least in competitive multiplayer) and save you the grief of grinding.

Just some key things to keep in mind when starting out are:

1). Rolling: It can be quite a useful (and practically necessary) tactic to avoid spells and other enemy attacks, especially if you are on cooldowns for your main skills.

2). Incapacitation: Like in Left 4 Dead, you’ll fall down into this semi-living state, where you’re teammates will have the ability to come up and revive you if they’re around. You are still able to fight back while in this state, so don’t give up attacking even when you are downed.

3). Notifications: “Event” notifications will pop up on the top of your screen, letting you in on where to converge with your teammates. More often than not, they are indicators as to where you should be heavily defending or support in capturing.

Guild Wars 2 has yet to set an official release date, but we can expect to see this MMO hit the PC scene sometime this year. Until then, have fun, good luck, and give back as much time as you can to the beta! ArenaNet needs as much feedback as possible to make this game a huge success.