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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XXIV: Expansions
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XXIV: Expansions

We take a look at upcoming expansions

Expansions are something I usually really like for MMOs. Not only do they always provide more content, but they also often expand upon the individuality of the MMO and add the things that players want more of. This month we look at two upcoming expansions, Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan expansion and RIFT's Storm Legion expansion.

Riders of Rohan (LOTRO)

Though I haven't touched LOTRO in a few years now, I'm was honestly quite excited when I heard about Riders of Rohan. A Rohan expansion was something players have been talking about since beta, and though the game already has two expansions (revolving around Moria and Mirkwood), before they were each announced, rumors would always circiulate that the next expansion would be Rohan. This time, it is. In the past, I've gone back to LOTRO about three times. Riders of Rohan may finally convince me to bite and do it yet again.


* Explore the plains of Eastern Rohan: Complete hundreds of new quests, gain access to new deeds, and the abililty to earn favor with the locals

* Gain access to your own Warsteed: Warsteeds are faster and stronger mounts who can learn skills over time and have customizable appearances

* Fight in mounted combat: Take your warsteed to the plains to fight roving Warbands alongside your trusty fellowship

* Continue the story: Witness the breaking of the Fellowship of the Ring and aid Eomer in Rohan

* Advance to Level 85: Complete with new skills, deeds, and gear

Release Date: September 5, 2012


Storm Legion (RIFT)

RIFT has been out for a bit over a year now, and wants to show that it's still alive and kicking. Just last week they announced an extremely ambitious expansion which may do much to lure old players back into the war-torn world of Telara. 


* Explore two new continents and the island city of Tempest Bay

* Unlock four new souls: one new soul for each of the four classes

* Explore 11 new instances: Storm Legion adds 7 new dungeons, 3 new raids, and a new Chronicles (1-2 person instance)

* Advance to level 60

* Customize a Dimension: What sounds to be like player housing, dimensions are customizable spaces for individuals and guilds

* Craft more, craft better: advance to grandmaster crafting

* Accessorize: Show off the brand-new cape system

Release Date: TBA

Check out the teaser trailer below:


Pretty exciting stuff for people who are current players/potential returners to these games. Are you looking forward to these expansions? Or what other MMO expansions are you looking forward to? Let us know!