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Microsoft Launches New Xbox LIVE App - For iOS
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Microsoft Launches New Xbox LIVE App - For iOS

Do you not have enough Xbox LIVE in your life?  When you're at your weekly iOMGApple! meeting, are you curious as to what your 360 friends are playing?  Are you playing Infinity Blade 2 right frick'n now, but you refuse to put it down unless your elderly piano tutor, "ALurBLZbLNGS2MeH," is ready to throw down on some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 console carnage?  Are you at work, and you want to see if your husband is really taking care of the baby, and not slogging his way through his 200th hour of Dark Souls?  Well there's an app for that!

Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson has announced a totally free, totally awesome Xbox Live app for your beloved iDevice. You can use it to do all of your favorite Xbox dashboard stuff, like dress your Avatar up in sweet Voltron gear, spy on your friends, or send hate messages to that kid who waxed you in Battlefield 3 last night.  (I seriously doubt there's as much wartime stabbing going on as both MW3 and BF3 would have us believe.)  You can even set beacons for up to three games so you can get your co-op on!  You've got 40 characters to say something good, like "Sack Bros, assemble!," or "Mmmmmm, beacons."  You can even push your Code of Conduct luck and type in ten swear words.  Use those characters wisely.   

All of the details are over at Major Nelson's blog.  If you've heard enough you can go ahead and just download it right here.  It's actually a very nice looking app.  As you can see in the image above, I'm looking good, as always. Microsoft has also introduced the new Xbox Companion for Windows Phone 7.  It has "even more features than the iOS app."  One out of eleven Co-Optimus editors should be happy about that.