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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Xybots and Xenophobe
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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Xybots and Xenophobe

Rated XX for Xtreme Xcellence

Last time on Co-Op Classics, we brought you two extreme games from 1987. The first was Xybots, an unusual third person shooter taking place in a series of mazelike, isometric view levels. The second, Xenophobe, was just as unusual, with three player co-op allowing each player their own section of the screen for maximum freedom. Today, we've got gameplay videos for these... er, excellent titles.


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I was quite impressed with Xybots, from the gameplay to the impressive graphics. The third person view on an isometric pespective was distinctive, and the twisting joysticks were quite effective and easy to master as far as navigation was concerned. The enemies are a bit repetitive, but the mazes were quite tricky to compensate, with all manner of shortcuts and hidden secrets. The RPG-like elements allowed upgrades between maze levels. Xybots is one of the most innovative games in the Co-Op Classics library. 

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