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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide: Nintendo Wii and DS - Page 3

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
    "Scrooge looked about him for the Ghost, and saw it not. As the last stroke ceased to vibrate, he remembered the prediction of old Jacob Marley, and lifting up his eyes, beheld a solemn Phantom, draped and hooded, coming, like a mist along the ground, towards him.
    The Phantom slowly, gravely, silently approached. When it came near him, Scrooge bent down upon his knee; for in the very air through which this Spirit moved it seemed to scatter gloom and mystery.
    It was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing of it visible save one outstretched hand. But for this it would have been difficult to detach its figure from the night, and separate it from the darkness by which it was surrounded.
     He felt that it was tall and stately when it came beside him, and that its mysterious presence filled him with a solemn dread. He knew no more, for the Spirit neither spoke nor moved."


The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was by far the most horrific.  The terrifying glimpses into the future provided by this Grim Reaper literally scared Scrooge into changing his life entirely.  A recent lightgun style shooter is similar to this spirit.  It deals with the future, and has a high level of creepiness and horror.  If you want to change someone's life, or at least make them leave the nightlight on for a week or two, look no further than Dead Space Extraction.


Tiny Tim
"So Martha hid herself, and in came little Bob, the father, with at least three feet of comforter exclusive of the fringe, hanging down before him; and his threadbare clothes darned up and brushed, to look seasonable; and Tiny Tim upon his shoulder. Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore a little crutch, and had his limbs supported by an iron frame!"

Who can forget the adorable child, Tiny Tim?  One of the most compelling characters in the story, he reminds us all of the children we love.  If there's one system all kids need, it's a Nintendo DS.  Gaming on the go is a fine idea for anyone, but especially those of the younger, attention-span deprived set.  The latest and greatest version is the DSi, with a camera and DSiWare service.  Amazon is selling a fantastic value bundle loaded with several quality DSiWare titles.  We also recommend LEGO Rock Band.  It has all the fun of the home version, with no need for any extra peripherals.  Why not bless the kids in your life with these, and have fun, every one!