Robocop 2

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More interesting were the over the shoulder sections.  The scrolling would stop, and Robocop would turn and face down an alley, with a targeting reticle that the player could move.  Baddies ran across the alley, tossing grenades, shooting bullets, and what have you.  A nice change of pace, for sure. 

A similar mechanic was on the bonus levels, where the perpesctive change to one like Pole Position. Robocop raced along the road, in pursuit of enemy trucks and helicopters.  These levels were brief, but very fun, and really make Robocop 2 stand out from the crowd.


The final boss in Robocop 2 is notable as well, requiring players to "defeated" him several times, all in a row.  Each time his health bar is depleted, he runs away, and comes back with new powers such as windmill arms, guided missiles, and tougher armor.  Just as you begin to question whether you can defeat him before your credits run out, he falls for the final time.  It's quite satisfying and you don't feel let down at all by the final fight, as was often the case with such games.

Robocop 2 holds up fairly well today.  Anytime I play it with my kids, they enjoy it, but there is one thing about playing the game that I dislike.  As soon as we get done, my youngest always asks to watch the movies.  I usually put him off, or try to change the subject as quickly as possible.  The first two Robocop movies aren't appropriate for him at all, and it would be bad parenting for me to let him see them at such an age.  The third, while rated PG-13, is so terribly awful that I've never actually made through the entire thing.  I'll play Robocop 2 with my kids any day, but I draw the line at suffering through Robocop 3 with them!