Co-Optimus - Editorial - Happy 15th Birthday, Playstation!

Star Wars Episode I Jedi Power Battles

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Fighting Force was another co-op title for the Playstation that comes to mind.  The 2D beat em up was incredibly popular throughout the early to mid 90s, and with the advent of the Playstation and Nintendo 64 and their 3D capabilities, it was only natural that the brawler would make the leap to 3D.  Fighting Force was one of the most successful of these early 3D brawlers, spawning a sequel, Fighting Force 2.




The first of the Star Wars prequels came in 1999, and Jedi Power Battles came soon after.  Players took on the role of prequel era Jedi Knights and fought their way through missions loosely based on The Phantom Menace.  Says Jim of his love for the game: "My favorite was Jedi Power Battles. Still have it, still love it."  Not bad for a game that came out 10 years ago.




The Playstation was a rousing success, elevating Sony to the status of a major player in the video game industry.  Sony has maintained that strong position through two more hardware generations, as you can tell from the long list of PS2 and PS3 co-op games in our database.  We're sure there are more co-op PS1 gems out there, so now we ask you, readers, for your input.  What are some of the great co-op classics you remember from the Playstation era?