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Liars dice and poker games have a much slower pace to them; the impatient player may not transfer over from the single player games so well (where you can skip to your turn each time). Every poker player has three camera angles: the default table view, a view of their hand (by holding the right trigger), and a view of the cards on the table (by holding the left trigger). A really nice touch is that all animations are real time, so not only can you see players throwing in their can see how often they check their cards and the cards on the table. These subtle observations can actually give savvy gamblers an upper hand. Play me sometime and I'll chat up some more tips. The bottom line, though, is that gambling in Red Dead Redemption works like a charm. If you can't beat a griefer in a shootout, just invite them to a poker game and bask in the satisfaction of winning all of their money.

Finally: Liars & Cheats puts in your hands a rifle that shoots explosive rounds. Appealing, no? This can be used in Free Roam, co-op, and multiplayer; the trick is that you have to complete a rather tough side mission to acquire it. Once your explosive rounds are gone, you have to struggle through the mission to get it again. You can get some help if you'd like...but only one rifle spawns after the bad guys are defeated. It's an odd way to ensure that multiplayer matches don't get spammed with explosive rifles, and so far it seems to have worked.

To date, four chunks of additional content have mosied into town for this game - the aforementioned three, and the free Hunting & Trading Outfits pack, which has arrived in the time since. Liars & Cheats has more value crammed into than the other three combined. That's kind of painful to say, since the co-op missions are actually quite fun and rewarding, but the co-op opportunities presented in Liars & Cheats are compareable to those missions - with saloon games included on top of all that. If you've enjoyed Red Dead Redemption so far, then you owe yourself the chance to grab the dial on what has been one of my personal favorite games of the year...and crank it to 11.

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