Top 5 Co-Op Games for the Rest of 2008 - Page 3

3. Rock Band 2(360/PS3/Wii/PS2, Harmonix/MTV/EA, Sept 14th 360, October 19th others)

Co-Op Experience: 4 Player Online and Offline Co-Op



Everyone’s music game darling comes around for a second wave and this time it you’ll be able to go through the World Tour section of the game with three other people cooperatively ONLINE.  The biggest discerning feature for Rock Band 2?  Almost all of the previous game's song will be backwards compatible, so if you own RB1 you can import you songs into 2 for $5.  Also, all of your downloadable content will work the day you turn the game on.  No doubt this will be a huge year for music games and now the instruments should be cross compatible as well.