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Had to Dismantle the 360

Well last week marked the beginning of my 360 having trouble reading games. It started when I tried to play Red Alert 3 and my 360 refused to read the disc constantly saying "Open Tray". Frustrated last night after not being able to watch a DVD I took to the internet to look up guides for taking apart a 360 to get to the DVD drive to clean the lens and the spindle (Which turned out to be the problem).    Anyway long story short I got it taken apart fixed the issue and got my 360 working again, however now when i open the tray the 360 likes to close it again by itself after like 5-6 seconds which really is about the time frame it takes me to swap discs anyway.   It was a long battle getting the stupid case off but well worth the savings of not having to buy another 360 at least for awhile.


CO-OP with my son.

Now mind you when he first set out with the xbox controller it was alien to him, using both sticks seemed to confuse him but with encouragement from Dad he is slowly picking it up and killing bad guys right alongside Dad, he even figured out on LOTR how to use ranged attacked while I keep them within melee range... did I also mention he runs away and lets me fight all the boss monsters.


Most Anticipated Game of 2012

I loved Borderlands and have recently gotten back into the game thanks to my Brother and Nvaderjim I have had a killer time and some fantastic experiences that very few games can even hope to offer. The first time we rode the elevator up to Crawmerax and the chaos that ensued when we realized our weapons were doing no damage was just hands down a hilarious and memorable moment. I know that Borderlands 2 is going to have similar experience in spades and I cannot wait to experience it day 1 with my friends.

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