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Brink's story is playing out TODAY!


The year is 2011 and the last known bastion of humanity, the PSN, is in crisis. A massive floating data center anchored in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, the PSN began as a visionary social-science project in the early years of the 21st century. The goal of the network's Founders was to create a completely self-sufficient habitat that would prove the principles of free online play. In service to this ideal, the PSN was constructed using a primitive encyrption called 'Clear Text' - a barely modified form of non-encryption that was found to cost little as it was developed, becoming both quicker and easier than doing it right. The PSN's ivory-white Kevin Butler would become a worldwide symbol of technological progress, as well as an effective advertisement for the mildly profitable network.

by kkrambo

CCV: My Backlog, Let me show you it

God of War II & III:  I never played the GOW games on PS2 so I got them for PS3.  I completed GOW1 but it took months because I spent many weeks away from it.  It was a good game but maybe not one of my favorites.  I started on hard and it wasn't long before I was getting my ass kicked.  The game asks if you want to step down to easy and eventually I accepted.  Easy was maybe too easy although it still seemed like a long game.  Why don't they let you step down to Normal?  (Or maybe they do and I just didn't bother to look.)

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