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by Marc Allie 11

Co-Op Classics: Captain America and the Avengers

It's no secret that I am a comic book superhero fan.  Superhero games, then, are usually quite enjoyable for me.  Lego Batman came out just this past week; we picked it up, and love it.  Over the summer, for a Co-Op night, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was the game of choice, and I was happy.  Way back in the first Co-Op Classics, we looked at my all time favorite, X-Men: The Arcade Game.   This gem of a game was even mentioned in the most recent Co-Opticast.  Today, we'll dig a little deeper for a title that wasn't quite so memorable, but was still a favorite of mine: Captain America and the Avengers. When I was growing up, I was a bit of a Marvel zombie.  Batman and Superman were just not my cup of tea, and the Marvel books were just way more interesting, during the 80s, at least.  I collected and still own large runs of Iron Man, Thor, the Avengers (East and West Coast!) and all the crossovers I could get my hands on.  So, one day back in 1991, when I saw this brand new arcade game, I just about freaked out and ran to the change machine.

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