Contraption Maker

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
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Using nothing more than a balloon, a pair of scissors, and a cat.

Contraption Maker Builds Itself into Beta

Contraption Maker, the sandbox puzzle game from the makers of The Incredible Machine, was first presented to the world back in the fall of 2013. Its alpha release was a little rough, but the dev team has been chugging along all these months with tweaks and improvements and additions. The official "beta" stamp means all of the core systems are in play and the big 1.0 release isn't far away!

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Contraption Maker Announced by Incredible Machine Devs

Everybody remember The Incredible Machine series? Way back in the early to mid 90s, a series of puzzle games was released that essentially let you build your own Rube Goldberg devices. You know, the ones that involve mallets hitting marbles that roll down ramps to wake up a chicken whose flapping wings hit a lever that drops a bag of flour on top of a scale that tips and turns the light switch off. That sort of thing. The team behind those classic games is working on Contraption Maker, a spiritual sequel to The Incredible Machine that promises to bring back the same free-form puzzle solving we fell for back in the good old days.

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