Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

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by Mike Katsufrakis 4
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Din's Curse Co-Op Review

What happens when you take Diablo and mash it back together with the roguelike genre that inspired it in the first place? Odds are, you'd come up with something similar to Din's Curse, an action RPG from indie developer Soldak Entertainment.

by Jim McLaughlin 1
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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Co-Op Review

Indiana Jones is one of my all-time favorite action and adventure franchises, and I am not alone in that sentiment. Unfortunately, even the greatest sagas have some lame chapters. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings embraces the Nintendo Wii's motion controls and attempts to create an enjoyable niche for Indy fans. Does it succeed as a unique and fun adventure title deserving of the titular character, or does it fall in as a lame chapter to possibly the most famous fedora-donning hero ever?

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