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Co-Op Highlights in Sega Genesis Classics 5 Collection Include Streets of Rage 3 and Golden Axe 3

Attention Sega Genesis fans! I know you're out there. There's a new collection of Sega classics available on Steam right now, and the price is hard to beat. You can pick up some good ol' co-op titles like Golden Axe 3 or Streets of Rage 3. If you're in the mood for some old school single player RPGing, Phantasy Star II, III, and IV are available, as well.

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Classic Sega Side-Scrolling Brawlers Bring Rage and Axes to iOS

Sega has been very good at keeping their classic properties available throughout the years.  Whether it's a disc-based compilation, an Xbox Live or Playstation Network release, a Virtual Console download, or even a PC version, their best co-op classics are easy to obtain.  It's no surprise, then, that Sega is preparing versions of these games for eager iPhone and iPad players as well.

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