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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes

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To add an interesting flare to the Wii version specifically, Red Fly Studios included a few quirky little surprises. This includes a few promotional posters that spin off familiar titles like "Fungus Dudes" which spins off Mushroom Men, and "Cap'n Blastem" in the image of Duke Nukem. These types of homage images give gamers a little something extra to look for in the game. These things makes up for the shortcomings in the Wii's resolution by giving us other things to visually drool over.

Another way co-op benefits this game is the actual teamwork aspect of ghost capture. By having one player hold a ghost in their proton beam, while the other tosses out the ghost trap, the gameplay never skips a beat. Bosses are a bit easier as you get more gadgets to try out, having one character hold on to the ghost, while the other blasts the boss with a "Shock Blast" to lower that health gauge more efficiently.

Ghostbusters on the Wii did more than meet my expectations, in spite of having a less realistic visual style and a few naysayers to the idea of having a totally different game on another system. Smoothe controls, coupled with Ghostbusters-esque humor makes Ghostbusters wholly satisfying to sit with a friend and play. Co-op elements ran strong through the entire game, leaving me wondering how the other versions ever passed without story-based co-op!

Arttemis's Impression:

Ghostbusters is much more enjoyable than I expected. The campaign is the same for single and partner play, though the game feels designed around the multiplayer elements, which is excellent. Puzzles throughout the game are much more enjoyable when you use teamwork to accomplish the required tasks. Most of the ghosts require a couple stages of attacks to be defeated, and it’s incredibly satisfying to take them out with a buddy because players are given turns to slam ghouls until dragging them into a trap. The controls are smooth, and the waggle feels well integrated and put to good use. These sleek features as well as the ability to replay each mission cooperatively at any time make Ghostbusters a great Wii title that I’d recommend to anyone looking for an enjoyable local co-op experience.


Co-Op Score

The Co-Op Experience: Online-only co-op allows four players to bust ghosts, earn cash, and level up together through a variety of familiar and unique instant-action game modes.

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