Scooby Doo! First Frights

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

Scooby Doo First Frights Co-Op Review - Page 2

The girl in orange looked up from reading the game manual.  "Actually, it says here that you can find clues.  You pick up puzzle pieces by breaking boxes and defeating enemies.  Once you find all the puzzle pieces, you get a clue, and then the game takes you to the next scene."  She walked over the Daphne and took the controller from her.  "Let me take over for a bit.  I want to know more about my video game character!"

On the screen, the animated Velma threw books all over the screen, breaking boxes.  Scooby snacks flew everywhere.  "Man, I wish I had some Scooby Snacks right now, don't you, Scoob?" Shaggy exclaimed.  The dog returned to the living room, carrying a plate full of sandwiches and chips.  Scooby mumbled something, and began eating the sandwiches at an alarmingly quick rate.  "Hey, save some for me!"  Shaggy ran over and grabbed the last sandwich.

"Speaking of Scooby Snacks, they work a bit like money.  You can save them up and buy things with them.  Let's check it out!" said Velma.  She navigated around a few menus.  "Hey, you can buy costumes for all of us!  Fred can be a football player.  Well, that makes sense.  Daphne is a rock star?  A bit random, but still cool.  WHAT?!"  Velma's face curled up in fury.  "My alternate costume is a SUMO WRESTLER?  Did we ever solve a case where I was a sumo wrestler?"  Fred and Daphne laughed.  "Scooby gets an opera singer costume?  Why?"

"Who knows, Velma?  Try out the Sumo costume, just for fun.  You might like it!" said Fred.

"Fat chance!" came Velma's reply.  In the background, canned laughter could be heard.  "I'll try it out anyway."  After a few minutes, she groaned and gave the controller to Fred.

"Well at least you have different abilities in the Sumo suit," said Fred.  "Rolling around on your belly and crushing enemies is better than throwing books anyday."  He played for a few minutes as the girls watched on.  Shaggy and Scooby lay, content, on the floor, hands on their full bellies.  "Wow!  I'm really strong!  I'm the only character who can push these levers, how about that?  Looks like Daphne's special ability is to shimmy up or across poles, which makes sense when you think about it."  Daphne's jaw dropped and she hit Fred in the arm.  "Velma can operate control panels, Scooby can walk through doggy doors, and Shaggy can use his slingshot as a grappling hook.  Hmm."

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