Loren "AgtFox" Halek - Weekend Editor

Iíve been playing video and computer games since I was around 4 years old, mostly with my Atari 2600 and making regular trips to the arcade. I received my first computer in 1989, although I had been playing games in school on an Apple IIe when allowed to. I own almost all the systems that have come out since the 2600 and played countless games over the years. I started writing game reviews online back in college, although at the start it was just through the free webpage my college gave me. I left console gaming for a bit during that time, concentrating more on computer games and playing LAN parties in the computer lab (I worked there). Then the Playstation came and Iíve been a heavy console user ever since, but still find time to play computer games.

I started professionally writing in 2001 doing DVD reviews and started writing game reviews for a commercial site back in 2002. I left there in late 2005 and re-entered in late 2007 at a couple more websites. I now divide my spare time running Colony of Gamers and being the Weekend Editor here. At this point Iíve written close to 250 reviews over all the sites Iíve worked at and I certainly enjoy giving people an opinion I hope they can trust when deciding to buy a game or not.

In my spare time outside of my job and playing/reviewing games I like to spend time with my wife of 8 years, helping her with her crafting business and doing things together.

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