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This Week In Co-Op: The Importance of Playing Co-op

This is Kat "Shadokat" Pawlowski reporting in for Marc "Djinniman" Allie, who is facing an unforeseen crisis at the moment. He has fallen pray to the realm of single player like so many around him, playing the Iron Man 2 game (which should have had co-op because Warmachine, duh) instead of co-op. I'm here to share the importance of co-op gaming caused by this single-player crisis.

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On The Download Issue 9: Ace Fox 360

This weeks On The Download will feature plenty of brand new downloadable co-op news, including some hot topics like Halo Reach's Beta, loads of new releases and even a rumor. We're also going to revisit the world of Aces of the Galaxy - one of my favorite recent co-op purchases on the XBLA.

by Nick Puleo 4
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Aces of the Galaxy Co-Op Review

Aces of the Galaxy for the Xbox Live Arcade kind of came out of nowhere for us here at  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but hopefully this title doesn't get overlooked by player.  Gorgeous visuals, a great soundtrack, and fast and frantic gameplay all await you in Aces of the Galaxy (not to mention a badass pause screen) - but is the game worth your hard earned Microsoft Points? 

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