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by Marc Allie 5

It's God of War 3, Not God of Friendliness 3

We had been hopeful of co-op somehow being included in Sony's upcoming mega smash sequel, God of War 3, but now we know for sure.  In a recent interview with God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen, CVG asked if co-op would be included in the game, perhaps even in a patch.  The reponse was quick, harsh, and to the point, much like Kratos himself.

by Nick Puleo 2

Army of Two Co-Op Loses Its Passport

According to Destructoid, Army of Two's online co-op mode is limited by disc region.  What exactly does that mean?  That means if you've got a buddy with the game in England, and you are located in the US of A...well you are SO of L.  The lone clue to this fubar situation came from the PAL version game's manual. "NOTE: The ...

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