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Vacation Edition

Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of August 29th

This week in co-op... we actually have some new game releases!  Oh, thanks be to the video game gods!  We have looked into the abysmal void that was the summer release schedule and reeled back from the brink of oblivion!  We have some downloadable titles out this week, along with a real life, honest to goodness, full retail title.  Get your gaming in now while you can.  Hope you've caught up on your backlog.  September 6th is a week away, and with it comes the Fall gamesplosion in all of it's time leeching glory.

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Elevator Action Deluxe Landing on PSN This Month

Most of the time, we know about co-op game releases quite a bit ahead of time.  In this case, a new release almost snuck right past us, which is appropriate since the protagonist is a sneaky spy type.  Elevator Action Deluxe is coming to PSN on August 30.  It looks to be a fairly faithful remake of the classic Elevator Action from early 80s arcades.  Players must move between doors and floors while dodging enemies and scoring points.  

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