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Faith and a .45 Held Up

A bit of Co-Optimus trivia for you fine folks: this post is officially post number 1,171 for Co-Optimus (excluding two beta posts by Nick Puleo). It's post number 99 for little ol' me. And the game that we're covering here was first covered on Co-Optimus exactly one year ago today (January 30, 2008).

by Nick Puleo 0

Faith and a .45 Video Trailer

Faith and a .45 puts you in control of Luke or Ruby in a Bonnie and Clyde-esque scenario set during an alternate US Great Depression.  The game promises to have drop-in and drop-out co-op play.  There's some more info on the game right here.

by Nick Puleo 3

Faith and a .45 Co-Op Details

In single-player, you take control of Luke with Ruby as the second member of your squad, while in co-op (online or off -- jump in/out at any time) the second player controls Ruby directly. You have light squad control features in the single-player mode along the lines of a Gears of War, but the game does a few things you might not expect if you think of it as a "squad" game.

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