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Faith and a .45 Held Up
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Faith and a .45 Held Up

A bit of Co-Optimus trivia for you fine folks: this post is officially post number 1,171 for Co-Optimus (excluding two beta posts by Nick Puleo). It's post number 99 for little ol' me. And the game that we're covering here was first covered on Co-Optimus exactly one year ago today (January 30, 2008).


Now that we've gotten that interesting and totally unrelated enlightenment out of the way, the next task at hand is to inform you that this very promising co-op third-person shooter set in the Great Depression time frame has been put on hold until a publisher picks it up.

Faith and a .45 sought to romanticize the gritty Old West and combine it with Prohibition-era characters and guns. Now it seems to have fallen prey to the same economic issues that  plagued America in this very setting.


Take a nostalgic trip to January 2008 with the original teaser trailer after the "Read More" link...



Source: Ps3attitude.com