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Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 11.7.2011

This week two gaming juggernauts will clash in a head to head battle.  It's the old guard versus the young upstarts in an all-out war for global domination!  When the dust settles only one game will reign supreme!  Are you ready for this digital THUNDERDOME!?!  I can't hear you!  Are. You. Ready!?  Then let's get it on!  It's the Black Eyed Peas Experience versus Nickelodeon Dance!  Oh yeah, another military shooter is coming out.  Big whoop.

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Happy Feet 2 is Dancing Your Way November 8th

I've been overdosing on death and destruction.  Time to see what we have in the shallow end.  Hello, what do we have here?  A kiddy rhythm game tied into a kiddy movie?  What a novel idea!  Happy Feet 2: The Video Game will be toe-tapping it's way onto consoles latter this fall to coincide with the film's release.  The first movie was a fun little jaunt.  No, Morgan Freeman didn't narrate it.  That was the other penguin movie.  Players will take on the roles of Mumble and Ramon, working cooperatively to solve puzzles.  

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