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Bulletstorm Decorates the Tree in a Different Way

Everyone has a different tradition on how they decorate their tree for Christmas.  Some do it as soon as the previous holiday has passed, while others wait until Christmas Eve to dress up their blue spruce.  Some decorate the tree in matching colors with fancy crystal balls and an angel on the top while others using flashing colored lights, Hallmark ornaments and candy canes.

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Happy Holidays

We want to wish you Happy Holidays from the entire staff of  We hope you have a safe and joyful holiday.  And don't forget to co-op with your family!

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Even Diablo Himself Has the Holiday Spirit

Even though Co-Optimus is a young site, we've been lucky enough to see a few holiday cards arrive at the HQ.  Today we got a card I just had to share with everyone.  Blizzard's card features original artwork by Sam "Samwise" Didier and showcases a cast of characters across all of their games.  Just look how Lord Diablo spreads the holiday cheer!  If that isn't co-op, I don't know what is!

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