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Game Industry Holiday Card Round-Up
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Game Industry Holiday Card Round-Up

Happy Holidays!

Every year we get holiday cards from various companies around the industry - whether it's from developers or PR, it's always great to see what interesting card reaches Co-Optimus HQ.  This year we scanned in some of our favorite ones to share with everyone.  

The above image is one I created for the indie game I worked on this year - SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance.  Here's the rest.

Bethesda's Holiday Card - Dishonored Themed


Bungie's Holiday Card hints at something more.


Naughty Dog's Card showcases past and upcoming franchises.


Ninja Bee's Card is full of characters from all of their games like A World of Keflings, Ancients of Ooga, Band of Bugs and Cloning Clyde.


Deep Silver teases their upcoming Dead Island Riptide


Demiurge's card showcases Walter P Tugnut from Shoot Many Robots doing what we all hope to do this Christmas - drink beer and sit on our asses.


Twisted Pixel's holiday card teases their upcoming Loco Cycle game - the entire inside was in Spanish.