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The best co-op from this year's E3

E3 2013 - Co-Optimus Game of Show Awards

E3 2013 has wrapped and the long, hot summer of anticipation has begun. We were granted access to next-gen consoles and THE GAMES OF TOMORROW. Wielding our co-op gaming expertise, we have judged the offerings of industry titans and pugnacious indies. We created the Co-Optimus E3 2013 Game of Show Award to separate the lavish trailers and spectacular booths from real, hands-on gameplay. There are several contenders, but there is only one winner.. To qualify, the game had to have be playable cooperatively. That’s it. These are the co-op games to watch in the months to come. These are the titles that made an impression in a sea of digital escapism. These are our Co-Optimus E3 2013 Game of Show Nominees! Oh, and one standout winner.

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