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by Marc Allie 1
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You'll want to move it, move it, right past this one

Madagascar 3 Co-Op Review

Anytime you sit down to play a movie tie-in game, you have to be wary. These games have developed a reputation as being uninspired, quickly churned out messes released to coincide with people's desire to see the movie. When I saw Madagascar 3 at my local Redbox, I figured I'd roll the dice and check it out with my 11 year old son. Almost immediately, I regretted the decision, as Madagascar 3 is one of the most boring and repetitive games I've ever played, even with a buddy along for the ride.

by Sam Tyler 0
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Madagscar 3: The Video Game is coming in June and it has co-op

Do You Like to Move It, Move It? Madagascar 3 Announced

Nothing seems to entertain the younger members of my family more than a CGI cartoon containing gurning animals.  The Madagascar series provides such entertainment, but it has not been until Madagascar 3: The Video Game that co-op has been involved.  Due out alongside the film on June 5th, Madagascar 3 will have local 2 player drop in co-op and will crash land on Wii, 360 and PS3.

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